Regular trading hours are 9:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

After hours & weekend deliveries are available but it is recommended to pre-arrange collection to avoid disappointment. They are charged in 15 minute increments of £7.50.




To keep things simple Leeds Bicycle Messenger provides one primary service that should suit all needs & is particularly effective if you have multiple delivery destinations from one collection.

Your item or items will be collected & delivered same day recorded, typically within 1 hour of the organised collection time.

The delivery charge is calculated using Google Maps "Directions" by entering the collection & drop-off locations & multiplying the estimated travel time that most represents the route I would be required to take by 50 pence per minute.

5 minutes is added to the estimated time for LOADING unless the estimated travel time is found to be over-exaggerated.

This would represent the maximum charge unless there are complications with the delivery or the item or items exceed 20kg* (approx. 40lbs).


Let's look at 2 examples...


An item to be collected from Wellington Place in Leeds City Centre to be delivered to Millshaw Business Park in Beeston would cost £12.50;

ie (20+5) x 0.5 = 12.50


2 items to be collected from Photon House in Armley with 1 to be delivered to Central Square in Leeds City Centre & the other to Leeds Valley Business Park in Belle Isle would cost £17.00;

ie (7+5) x 0.5 = 6  [1st Leg]

   (22) x 0.5 = 11  [2nd Leg]

    6 + 11 = 17 

Of course unique problems require unique solutions so Leeds Bicycle Messenger will endeavour to modify the MINUTE MESSENGER service to meet your specific courier requirements if necessary. 

Contact Adrian Knight with your ideas & queries to determine what is the best resolution to your transport & logistics situation.


All deliveries require a signature of recipient.

All deliveries require contact name & phone number of recipient.

A delivery wrongly or inadequately addressed, where no recipient is available at drop-off or not accepted at drop-off will incur additional charges as per the same calculation method to return or redirect the item, minus the LOADING charge.

A ADDED TIME charge will apply if  there are complications, delays or unconventionally long requirements when loading or unloading of £2.50 per 5 minutes.

A KG SURCHARGE will apply of £2.50 per 15kg over the initial 20kg up to the maximum trip payload of 50kg.

Reasonable acceptable notice is required on cancellations or a charge may apply if inconvenience was caused.

As payment is not required until your item has been delivered, the preferred payment method is by bank transfer once you have received your invoice.

As a green-centric business, Leeds Bicycle Messenger prefers to operate as paperless as possible so invoicing is by email.


Although all due care is taken in the haulage of your delivery the carrier will not accept responsibility for any damage to items being transported that are insufficiently protected in their packaging & are not labelled as "FRAGILE", "DO NOT BEND" or similar.


Thank you for considering Adrian Knight - Leeds Bicycle Messenger!

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